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    Our NEW Appearance Preferences

Let's face it - "dress codes" are a thing of the past.
They are still okay for the military and boarding schools.

But not golf.
We want people to relax and have fun while respecting ourselves and those around us. 
And so, our new Appearance Preferences: 

  • Men are requested to wear collared shirts on the golf course – they look nice and you’ll play better.
    Tee shirts are okay in the clubhouse and fitness facility if they are clean and don’t have something obnoxious written on them. 
  • Denim jeans are not appropriate on the golf course. You surely have better looking pants or shorts in your closet. 
  • We do however allow jeans to be worn in the clubhouse at all times.  Relax and enjoy.
  • Guys, please, don’t wear tank tops on the golf course. Honestly, most of you are not that buff.
  • Shirts can be untucked on the course and in the clubhouse.  Some people look better that way.
  • We think hats worn backwards is not the best look but go ahead. And you can wear your hats in the clubhouse too if you think your hair will really look that bad. 
  • Cargo shorts? Sure, why not. Just tell us what kind of cargo you’re carrying. 
  • Women’s shorts should be a reasonable length.  If it’s okay on the Women’s Tour, it’s okay here. Remember, we have lots of guys around with heart issues.
  • Some athletic wear is acceptable.  Hopefully you look good in it.
  • Stretch (yoga) pants are okay. They are trendy and we want you to be too.
  • Cell phones on the course? Seems we can no longer live without them, so go ahead. But please be considerate of others when talking, and don’t let your phone slow your place of play.

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