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This just in: Dueling Aces on Groundhog Day

Bill Murray's "Goundhog Day" lives on. Kind of.
On Feb. 2 at Saddle Creek Golf Resort in Copperopolis, Don Smejdir and Tom Rich were battling it out in their friendly local Skins game. Saddle Creek's signature par-3 11th hole was playing a downhill 132 yards, with the pin in the back-right corner, the toughest spot to reach. With multiple carry-over skins on the line, Mr. Smejdir lofted a 9-iron just beyond the flag. The ball spun back into the hole for an ace - and seemingly a big skins payday.
But not to be outdone and it being Groundhog Day, Mr. Rich swung his 8-iron and one-hopped his shot into the hole and atop Mr. Smejdir's ball. Two aces, no skins - but two thrilled golfers sharing a golf experience of a lifetime.
It's what makes golf a great game.
18 02 02 2 aces